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Whip Basics im Handel erhältlich

Die DVD-Collection "Whip Basics", zu der ich die Musik beisteuern durfte, ist nun im Handel erhältlich. Wegen des großen Erfolgs der Reihe werden mit den Erlösen Tierheime in Deutschland, USA, Australien und Kanada karitativ unterstützt.

"The tutorial DVD "Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide" was made for everyone that is interested in cracking but have never wielded a whip, or that had bad experiences because there was no tutor around to prevent them from terribly whacking their fingers - or worse... Whip Basics illustrates the basic techniques of whip cracking step by step. It explains five techniques and their execution, as well as pointing out potential sources of error. At the end it shows three combinations of two and one of four techniques in one go. Whip Basics was made for beginners, but the advanced whip wielder will find some new ways and ideas how to teach."